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22 Mar

People have on occasion asked me why I prefer gardening the way I do ( bicycling with tools rather than using a vehicle) and my answer is always “It’s my diet plan, I like to eat.”

While that is true, the most important reason for me is I like being outside as much as possible. 


I really do think that every corner of this city ought to have some sort of plant life near it and every person should have a plant near them.

Unfortunately, not everyone  has land for a garden path or space for a plant in a corner. 

 (My tropicals often are unhappily squished together in winter)

Or perhaps someone has tried growing a plant indoors and gave up after it wasn’t successful numerous times.(number one story I heard in the years working at a garden centre)

All of this brought me to a crossroads in my horticultural life.

Do I continue down the garden path taking care of outdoor gardens or do I look in a different direction?

And so….


My friend Karen and I opened a tropical plant store together.


Unfortunately opening a store means I can no longer provide the gardening services I once did.

I can however refer you to:

Wildrose Gardening


James and Yasmine have been in the horticultural business for many years and do beautiful work.

For smaller jobs on the east side of downtown you can call 

Dave Jones: 416-846-2412


You can call or come by the store: Stamen & Pistil Botanicals

1234 College St. Toronto


Happy Spring!

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