• Garden Designs
    Audrey’s artistic and horticultural training merge to create the perfect design for your green space. Using a computer landscape program, Audrey can either do a quick photo design or a full landscape plan. 
  • New Design Installation
    Once you’ve honed-in on your perfect design on the computer, we’ll turn it into reality.
  • Spring/Fall Cleanup
    These bookend services will help you get ready for summer, and wind down the garden for autumn.  Includes: weeding; splitting and\or moving plants; pruning; raking; minor lawn care.
  • Summer Maintenance
    Keep everything looking beautiful all summer long!  Includes: weeding; pruning; dead-heading; splitting and/or moving perennials or shrubs; soil amendment; turning compost; lawn care.
  • Garden Checkup
    Audrey will nurse your ailing garden back to health.  Includes a full consultation on all plants including plant disease information, plant care information, soil requirements, insect control, pruning needs, plant design ideas, fertilizing. 


  • Office and Houseplant Startup
    Let Mother Nature into your house!  Includes help in picking out appropriate plants for available indoor locations, potting, care instructions.
  • Office and Houseplant Maintenance
    Let Audrey be your horticultural house elf!  Houseplant maintenance includes transplanting, insect control, plant disease control and pruning.
  • Office and Houseplant Checkup
    Make your greenery great again with a full consultation on all houseplants. Includes: plant disease information; plant care information; soil requirements; insect control; pruning needs; container information.


  • Container Garden Design
    Transform your tiny terrace into a soothing urban oasis, with just the right plantings and design.
  • Container Garden Installation
    From paper to plantings, it’s time to for Audrey to roll up her sleeves.  Includes: planting balcony boxes; large and small containers and vegetable and herb containers
  • Balcony and Container Maintenance
    Keep everything fresh and beautiful.  Includes: plant disease; insect control; pruning; planting; dead-heading.

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