Audrey Flanders believes that urban people should have the opportunity to enjoy happy healthy green spaces, big or small. In fifteen years managing a busy downtown garden centre, Audrey has helped thousands of people with their green spaces, from the vegetable garden at the local school to Aunt Mable’s prized ten foot monkey cactus!

Growing-up in an artistic family first led Audrey to Jewellery and Design school at Georgian College.  After realizing she wanted to design with green leafs rather than gold leaf, she went on to earn a diploma in Horticulture at Kemptville College.

During her 15-year tenure as manager at Bill’s Garden Centre, Audrey specialized in plant care, plant disease, and insect control.  She has an extensive knowledge of garden centre products including natural and chemical herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides.  She also greatly enjoys helping people pick the right plants for a particular space, and helping with the plans for gardens or containers.

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